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February 24, 2022   •   Wanaka, New Zealand





24 Feb 2022, 3:00 pm
Criffel Station Woolshed,
Mount Barker Road, Wanaka 9382, New Zealand








Traveling to New Zealand is a breeze! We recommend first starting with Immigration and checking if you will require a NZeTA to visit. The application is very easy, it should cost around $47 NZD ($31 US) and it will be approved within 3 days. It will allow you to visit NZ for 2 years once approved so you can come back to visit again anytime.

If required, you must have your NZeTA on hand before you check in for your flight to NZ (they will ask for it when checking in at the airport).

The NZ Immigration site is helpful and easy to use should you have any questions before your trip.


Wanaka is located in the lower South Island. The closest International airport is Queenstown which is about an hour from Wanaka. There are plenty of options to get over the hill to Wanaka which include shuttles, rental cars and hitch hiking. 

Chirstchurch is the biggest airport on the South Island, roughly about an six hour (stunning) drive to Wanaka.

Auckland airport (North Island) will most likely be the first port of arrival for our overseas guests. If your wanting to explore NZ while making your way down to Wanaka renting a car or camper van will be your best bet. Or a quick domestic flight is another option. 


Wanaka is a small town and most places are within walking distance of each other. It is a holiday desitination and can book out almost a year in advance, so we highly recommend doing this ASAP! or AirBNB are usually the easiest websites to check and are full of hotels, homes, or apartments to rent out. If you are keen are sharing some accommodation, let us know and we'll put you in touch with some other guests coming from out of town.

Criffel Station will host our ceremony and reception! The Station is absolutely beautiful and does offer accommodation on site. They have both cabins and glamping available. Follow the links to book and mention that you will be staying for our wedding.

Getting There
The Week Of

The Week Of

As the wedding is on a Thursday and majority of the guests will be traveling, we would like to invite everyone to come down the weekend before and spend the week in the beautiful Lake Wanaka region. We want to fit in as much time as possible with everyone and feel that by having events before and after the wedding will allow us to do just that! (Regardless of you being able to make it for the week, we will be so thrilled to have you at the wedding!) 

There are so many activities that cater for all ages in Wanaka, so please come have some fun with us all. Lake Wanaka is located in the heart of the Southern Alps and has a long list of things to do! From mountain biking, hiking, jet boating and white water rafting to lavender farms, wineries, museums and yummy restaurants, Wanaka really does have something for everyone.  We recommend checking out to make your must-do list! (Queenstown is also about an hour out of Wanaka and has just as much, if not more, to offer! Make sure you look into Queenstown as well!)

We plan on having a dinner in the days leading up to the wedding and also a brunch the day after the wedding, but all those details will be confirmed closer to the time and posted here so check back!

As we have asked that we keep the wedding child-free (we want all parents to relax and have a stress free evening!), this doesn't mean don't bring them at all. We would love to see them during the week and will certainly have some kid friendly activities. We are also looking into baby sitting options for the night of the wedding and will keep those of you with young ones in the loop. 

On The Day..

On The Day

The ceremony and reception will take place at Criffel Station, about a 10 minute drive out of Wanaka. While it is easy enough to drive to, there is limited parking on site and you must have the car off site by 9 am the next day.

We are planning to provide a pick up from town at around 2 pm on the 24th to ensure easy transportation for everyone, that would also include a drop off at the end of the night too. We are still in the process of organizing this but will post details as we have them.

Our ceremony will start promptly at 3 pm and then celebrations can kick off from there!

Please note, while we absolutely love your little ones we hope you can respect our decision to have our day child free.

And remember even though February is summer in New Zealand, it will still cool down a bit once the sun goes down and most of Criffel is outside. Make sure to bring a jacket so you don't get too cold.

Wishing Well

We would be so thrilled for you to join us to celebrate, we don't want to put any stress on giving us a gift. If you do insist on doing so, we kindly ask that just contribute to our Wishing Well to help us build our future together. 

Wishing Well
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